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Volume 6 Issue 9

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Title : Performance Evaluations and Managing Trust in Large Scale Cloud Data Centers using cloudanalyst Simulator

Authors : Deepika Saini, Rajesh Jain

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Abstract :

Cloud computing is emerging technology which is a new standard of large scale distributed computing and parallel computing. It provides shared resources, information, software packages and other resources as per client requirements at specific time. As cloud computing is growing rapidly and more users are attracted towards utility computing, better and fast service needs to be provided. For better management of available good load balancing techniques are required. So that load balancing in cloud becoming more interested area of research. And through better load balancing in cloud, performance is increased and user gets better services.

CloudSim    is  an    event-driven  simulator  implemented  in    Java.    Because    of    its    object-oriented programming feature, CloudSim  allows  extensions and  definition of policies  in all the components of the software stack,  thereby making  it a suitable research tool that  can  mimic the  complexities arising  from the environments.

Cloud  provides  data   centers  distributed  across  geographical   channels.      Each    DC consists  of hundreds  of servers called VMs.  When  a user submits  a task,  that  are collected  to a cloudlet.   These tasks are handled by the  data  center  controller.   The data center   controller uses  a  VMloadbalancer to  determine  which   VM  should   be assigned to the next request for processing.  The VMloadbalancer uses various schemes to balance the load in complex cloud environment [5].


Title : Evaluating Performance of Solar Dryer for Orange-Fleshed Sweet Potato in Bungoma County, Kenya

Authors : J.O Odhiambo

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Abstract :

Using radiation from the sun for the purpose of drying has been a widely identified application of energy from the sun. It has been used for preserving food as well as drying other materials like timber for construction. Due to high fuel prices, extinction of fossil fuels as well as environmental concerns, use of this solar energy is in the rise as it is free and readily available especially in various parts of sub Saharan Africa. This project aimed at evaluating the performance and giving recommendations on already existing dyers for orange-fleshed sweet potatoes in Bungoma County, Kenya. To achieve these, technical and financial evaluations were carried out on an existing dyer in the area and recommendations given. The technical performance of a single original dryer at Bungoma was found to limit development of the OFSP value chain to between 8 and 10 acres. This is in cases where most of the crop is harvested over the months of July - August and December - January. This was found to be unsatisfactory. Simulation of improved systems predicted improvement of efficiencies by 40% from the current efficiency of between 18% and 20%. This was proposed to be sufficient taking into account the rate of production of OFSP and the market demand within the area. From the business point of view, the proposed dryer design was found to be financially viable if production and marketing of the products are ascertained. Net present value as well as a benefit-cost ratio which were both positive was realized which should encourage private investment.