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Volume 5 issue 8

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Title : A Conceptual Study on an Approach to Blind Recruitment and its Importance

Authors : Ramakrishnan Vivek

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Abstract :

It is irrefutable that Every organization Human Resource Department work on to find right person for their right job position. That is why they have adopted modern recruitment strategies in order to enhance best workplace practices. Even though most of the organization fail to find best candidate for their job role due to improper recruitment procedures or unsuitable recruitment and discrimination practices. Today recruiting and selecting the employees is the biggest challenge and improving diversity among organization is the biggest task for every organization, most of the recruitment methods not supported to diversity. Main purpose of this paper is to give broad knowledge in Blind recruitment and why it is more useful technique compare to other methodology with this technique will increase diversity among organization. This article study on based on previous internet sources and online books.Ultimate aim of this paper is to discuss the concept, nature, problems, benefits, methods and trends and conditions for good Blind recruitment in addition with that why this method is more important to Sri Lanka also discussed. At last readers will be able gain full knowledge in Blind recruitment and it is importance.