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Topics Corner

International Journal of Engineering, Management & Sciences (IJEMS)  is the forum for exchange of information pertaining to the latest outstanding developments in the field of engineering, science and Management. The journal welcomes publications of high quality papers on theoretical developments and practical applications in Engineering,Management & Sciences.

Papers are solicited from, but not limited to the following topics:




Electronics &Communication Engineering/ Electrical Engineering:

Transmission lines

Power Transmission 

Power Engineering

System & control Engineering


Devices & Systems

Optics & Optoelectronics

Nano Technology

Measurement & Testing

Electromagnetics& Microwave

Communication & Information Processing

Computer Engineering

Theory of Parallel Processing and Distributed Computing

Foundations of High-performance Computing

Artificial Intelligences & Pattern/Image Recognition

Neural Network

Data Warehouse, Data Mining & Application

Data Base Management Systems (DBMS) & Information Retrieval

Digital Signal Processing

Ad-Hoc, Mobile, Wireless Networks and Mobile Computing

Mobile Agent Computing

Quality of Services and Communication Protocol

3G/4G Network Evolution

Mechanical & Civil Engineering

structural engineering (structures, machines and mechanical systems)

mechanics of materials (elasticity, plasticity, rheol¬ogy, fatigue, fracture mechanics)

materials science (metals, composites, ceramics, plastics, wood, concrete, etc., their  structures and properties, methods of evaluation)

manufacturing engineering (process design, simulation, diag¬nostics,  maintenance, durability, reliability)

Computational fluid dynamics

Quality management systems

Thermal engineering

Allied engineering materials

Modeling and simulation


Industrial engineering

Design engineering

System engineering

Application of industrial engineering to service sector Ergonomics

Engineering materials

Applied mechanics

Optimization tools and techniques

Automation and robotics





Polymer Science

Analytical and Environment Chemistry

Animal Science

Natural Products and Medicinal Chemictry

Spectroscopy and Physical Chemistry

Inorganic and Co-ordination Chemistry

Bio-organic and Bio-inorganic Chemistry

Environmental Science

Classical and Quantum Physics

Relativity and Gravitation

General theory of fields and Particles

Specific reactions and Phenomenology

Radioactivity and Electromagnetic transitions

Nuclear reactions and Scattering

Theory of atoms and molecules

Electricity and magnetism


Mechanics, Elasticity and Rheology

Lattice dynamics and crystal statistics

Electron states and Super conductivity

Dielectric properties and Materials

Functions of a complex variable

Partial differential equations

Fourier and Functional analysis

Calculus of variations and Optimal control

Probability theory and Stochastic processes 




Organizational Behaviour

Management Development

Accounting and Finance

Business Ethics

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

Strategic Management


Operations Management

R&D Management

Business Economics

Public Sector Management

Research Method

Business ethics and legal issues

Business policies, strategies, and performance

Business and retail research

Business security and privacy issues

Consumer behaviour

Emerging advances in business and its applications

Innovation and product development

International business issues

Management and retail marketing

Marketing management and strategies

Relationship management

Risk Management

Retail Management and communication

New venture start-up

Retail buying

MIS and Retail Management

Demographics and Retail Business

HRM and Retail Business

Innovation in Retail Management