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Best Article of The Month

Best Article of the Month is established to recognize authors of manuscripts for excellence in scientific and technical written communications from those papers submitted for publication in Allied Journals. The Best Paper Award is selected by committee according to specific criteria and honored with publication in the International Journal of Engineering, Management and Sciences. Eligibility for the award is open to authors of papers of original and unpublished work submitted for publication in the Monthly issues . Paper excellence is measured using a system of four quality standards:(1) the paper is scientifically or technically new, innovative or is a constructive review; (2) has clear presentation in writing, organization, graphics and format, and has professional integrity; (3) has clear industrial application; and (4) has long-term value.

Benefits to Authors

(1)Author(s) of the selected article to be provided half relaxation in publication charge for his/her next article 
(2)Selected Author(s) details will be updated on last date of every month.

November 2014 issue

First Author:  Hemant Sharma
Co- Author: Mahendra Sharma
Paper Title:  Influence of Cutting Fluids on Quality and Productivity of Products in Manufacturing Industries
Paper ID:   IJEMS_V1IS110016

December 2014 issue

First Author:  Dr. D.C. Sharma
Co- Author:     --
Paper Title:  Mathematical Formulation of Municipal Solid Waste Handling
Paper ID:   IJEMS_V1IS120013

January 2015 issue

First Author:  Ajit Kumar, 
Co- Author: Avinaw Pratik, Ashutosh Kumar

Paper Title:  Multi- Objective Optimization of Forging of an Automotive Component
Paper ID:   IJEMS_V2IS10009

February 2015 issue

First Author: Kavita Jain
Co- Author:  Abhisek Soni
Paper Title: Comparision of Mamdani and Sugeno Fuzzy Inference System for Deciding the Set Point for a Hydro Power Plant Dam Reservoir Based on Power Generation Requirement
Paper ID:   IJEMS_V2IS20004

March 2015 issue

First Author: Chaliluddin
Co- Author:  Ari Purbayanto, Daniel R. Monintja, Mohammad Imron, Joko Santoso
Paper Title: Role of Local Wisdom in Utilization of Resource of Fish in The Aceh Jaya District, Indonesia
Paper ID:   IJEMS_V2IS30025

April 2015 issue

First Author:  Gurmeet Singh
Co- Author:  Sharad Srivastava,Neeraj Sharma
Paper Title:   Optimization of fill time in multi cavity plastic injection molding Through Simulation 
Paper ID:   IJEMS_V2IS40027

May 2015 issue

First Author:  P H S Amarasinghe
Co- Author:  -
Paper Title:  Developing a Carbon Emission Calculating Model for Tea Estates
Paper ID:   IJEMS_V2IS50023


June 2015 issue

First Author:  Aphu Elvis Selase
Co- Author:  -
Paper Title:  Domestic Violence as a Repugnant Act in The Society Sierra Leone as The Bone Of Contention
Paper ID:   IJEMS_V2IS60008